Monday, March 12, 2012

TheSoil (Soul) is Embedded in Belief!

Once upon a time there was a little girl, whose heart was bursting with love for all her relations, this includes humans, animals, and those from the fairy world. Some exclaimed that she had worn rose-colored glasses, while others swore that her view was framed with rainbows and unicorns. 

As happens much too often, life brought about many hardships that resulted in the disintegration of rainbows and the apparent belief of hope in all things. 

Much to the dismay of the little girl, with hopes dwindling, she sought refuge in her friends, the animal people and more recently, her yogi friends. In this dark space of despair, it was here that her friends taught her about the power of belief. To believe that all things are possible- to believe that NOTHING is impossible!

Powered by hope in humanity, the space that inhabits love without judgment and gain, she regains her connection to her heart and is driven to help others catch a glimpse of this self-less love that is so apparent in everyday life.

This little girl is me.

It is hard for me to show my vulnerability and the softness that I feel in my heart. In my cynical mind, I can easily chastise this little girl as being silly, unrealistic, and of course ridiculous in her view through these purple-tinted glasses.  But I know that this is only a result of fear, mostly fear of ridicule. And what I know of fear, is that it only has power over you if you give it your power, It cannot exist on its’ own, it must be fed by us.

In my experience, this fear is powered by my need to remain in the “herd”. You see, biologically, we are herd animals. It is not only our own thoughts, but even our genetic predisposition to remain anonymous.
To be a part of the herd means safety and our sadly defined idea of being “alive”.

I’ve also come to understand from these past years of extreme hardship, that I am not alone, that we are all are experiencing extreme hardships whether personally or through our recognition of what is happening to our blessed Earth.

In my last blog, I mentioned that the first part of this process has been planting the seeds. The second part was about just sitting, the germination of the seeds. Today, I’m focusing on the soil (soul).

If our soil (soul) is not rich in nutrients, nothing will become of the seed. The soil (soul) needs to be firm enough to apply pressure (the power of belief) and yet loose enough to allow growth (no grasping allowed!).

I have heard back from a few of you who would rather not sign up to the blog (which I don’t blame you in the least!) and am asking that you and the others who are reading this to take just a moment and send a vibration of BELIEF into this organization. This group of people whom simply just wants to live within the Natural Laws of Balance. All we need is a little hope (energized soil/soul), a little sun (Grace), and a lot of patience (non-judgment).

----just another piece of the puzzle----


Anissa Duwaik, the Local Lady

p.s. Although there are many people who have helped me along the way, most recently I feel compelled to acknowledge that I am in here in this space of belief and vulnerability due in large part to my wonderful kula and yoga teacher, Karen Sprute-Francovich and also on the day-to-day support of my wonderful family who support me, just as I am! Many, many thanks….

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