Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Puzzle Keeper


As many of you know, I am a love child of the Earth and a lover of Yoga. Both aspects define much of who I am. Therefore, as you follow my blogs, you will find that much of the way I think, and act, is infused with this way of being.

I feel as though I’ve been inspired to act. I have been given a “piece of the puzzle” of my dharma, and for myself, it is that I am a Puzzle Keeper (a.k.a. an Organizer). I have been feeling intensely motivated to start “puzzle keeping” by initiating this organization, ICAN.

However, what I’m finding is that there is a natural unfolding of events, just like we see in nature. Spring naturally follows winter. Winter naturally follows Fall. I sense that Spring is almost here (within me and without). I can sense that I’m at this precipice of seeing the unfoldment of Spring. However, the harsh reality is that I am still in Winter.

I have wanted to capitalize on the momentum of public interest. I have wanted, and felt compelled to, come up with step 2. I have wanted to initiate another meeting and keep things rolling. In a nutshell, I have been grasping.

But if we look to Nature for the answers, we find that once you plant the seeds, there is a germination period.

Although I have this sense that there is a Grand Canyon right in front of me, it is as though there is a windstorm surrounding me and I can therefore not see a foot in front of my face. It is in this moment, here today, as it is, that I choose to sit. I choose to stop grasping. I heard a Buddhist once say, “Don’t just do something, SIT there!” So I sit.

And write.

To all my friends out there, to all the people who also know that the time of change is coming, to those that are ready for hope and to effect change in our lives, I say, we CAN bring change! We CAN choose to live within the Natural Laws of Balance. And what that means today, is to sit and be in winter. We are doing exactly what Nature is asking us to do, be here, now! Allow the unfolding process to occur without grasping.

With love and light,


p.s. I will continue to blog about this process in order to keep the momentum going, without grasping!

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  1. I'm so happy that you have this blog... when I move across the states I'll be comforted by your beautiful words and wise expressions.

    Much Love to you Anissa...