Monday, March 12, 2012

The first meeting...

In case some of you never got this initial email I sent out, I thought it might be advantageous to post this original email so that you would know what this organization is about.

Hi folks! Wanted to give you some information regarding our first meeting
last night with regards to creating an intentional community. I felt our
first meeting went well, although I did receive feedback that at least one
person couldn't find us and the library knew nothing of the meeting. So my
apologies if you showed, I will be sure that in subsequent meetings the
librarians know who and where we are located.

There were many things on the agenda that I am happy to share, but am
guessing it would make for a very long email, so I will try to give you the
short version. Please feel free to let me know if you would like me to
remove your email from this list.

I. The first thing is the name. We decided on ICAN! Intentional
Consciousness in Action Network. I Can Make a Difference. Together, We Do
Create Change!

II. The intention of this group is to form an agreement with individuals,
families, and groups to live intentionally and in accordance with the
Natural Laws of Balance.

III. Plan of Action:

- To create a community within our community of individuals committed to
living sustainably
- To form a membership with thus said persons that is open to the
public, but is accessible only through signing a written proclamation of
intention to live simply. We will call this agreement the *Declaration
of Freedom* (because doesn't it ultimately make us free?)
- To focus on the basic needs that, as of this writing, have been
determined as: Food, Water, Shelter, Energy, Clothing, Transportation,
Community, Education, Healthcare, Waste Management, and Conservation
- To help facilitate more communication between all the various "green"
groups so that "Together we Stand" and therefore can affect more change
- To create this group with lightness, joy, and bliss. To make this an
adventure that is dredged in laughter and light-heartedness. Our goals to
be met with non-violence and through peaceful means only.

IV. Steps:

- *To form a committee that will represent each section of what we
determine are our basic needs and will help find the means to educate the
common populace*
- Initiate practices that will reduce our consumption [such as Meatless
Mondays and Freedom Fridays (no electricity or electronics, except for work
and fridge,etc.)]
- Have all members sign up with a CSA, grow their own vegetables, or
find other means to feed themselves and their families locally (eg. Carver
Farms or Farmer's Market)
- Education on how to implement Permaculture in our community
- As the committee's form, spotlight each section of basic needs to
determine how best to reduce our global footprint. I have many ideas, but I
want this to be a group endeavor.

In conclusion, I would just like to add a few thoughts:

I was watching a documentary on the Civil Rights Movement and I was moved
by a couple of things. First of all, the ubiquitous belief system of
segregation. It's crazy to me to think that it was not that long ago that a
black and a white person could not even sit in the same restaurant
together!! (And even here in Coeur d'Alene the same thing applies to the
Native people) I do not even for a moment compare the hatred and bigotry of
this time period to what I'm trying to initiate. However, I do see
similarities in the vastness of the ideology to change a deeply rooted
belief system. I believe that there must have been at least a few people
that were sickened by the treatment of fellow humans, but probably felt
that it was "too big" to change.

The second thing that struck me was the non-violent agreement to affect
change. There were small groups of men and women, called the Freedom
Riders, that took the chance of dying for their cause (about 6-8 of them at
a time). Many of them even had their wills written before embarking on
their adventure into the deep south. These Freedom Riders were beaten, set
of fire, and jailed for their belief system, and yet, they didn't fight
back with violence.

The last thing that really stuck out for me, was their persistence. When
the second group of Freedom Riders were jailed, the group just kept sending
more people to take their place, In all, over 400 people were jailed!! They
just continued their plan of action until the White House finally got
involved. It really was an amazing and transformative initiative!!

I feel imbued by these amazing individuals to affect change for something
they believe in deeply. I, too, feel deeply about living in harmony with
the Earth. I am just plain sick and tired of the consumption, greed,
corruption, and vastness of what is going on, especially here in America! I
am tired of waiting for someone, or something to happen to create the
change we need. I know that ICAN create change, but more importantly, do

I totally understand that most people are incredibly busy in this time.
What we need are just a few individuals (would love about 8-10 ppl) who
feel compelled to help get this going. At the very least, could you please
send me any names of groups that are "green", that are trying to make a
difference? My next step is going to be to contact these groups and see if
there any individuals that would like to participate.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this very long email (sorry!).

In love and light,
Anissa Duwaik, the Local Lady

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  1. Hi Anissa!
    I am just getting caught up with internet life and this was on my plate for the evening. Very auspicious :) Love love love the theme. Keep me posted. Yes, I am busy, but aren't we all? We truly do have a wonderful kula (many thanks to Karen).

    sarve bhavantu sukhinah...