Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To Kill A... Chicken!

Hi friends! It has been SO long since I've written, that I first feel the need to apologize profusely. I really don't have an excuse, except to say that it just wasn't time for me to share. I suppose I probably should have looked at my last blog to see where I was in that space and give you an update, but I'll just fumble around with an overview.

We moved in October onto 9 acres in the Newman Lake/Ots Orchards area. I LOVE living here! We are situated between a couple of neighborhoods, so I don't feel like I'm way out in the boonies all alone, which since my husband travels a lot, is awesome.

My kids have started school in the area, and that has been an incredibly positive experience. The teacher's and staff at East Farms Elementary are really great! They are even turning into a Magnet School. I feel so blessed! My husband is also doing much better, after being out most of the summer and fall with back surgery. So all in all, things are definitely going SO much better!

I, too, have been on quite the inner journey as well. I started reading "Wild Feminine" with some other ladies, and let me tell you, this book is extraordinary! I have been working a lot with my root chakra and am feeling so much more creative. I even wrote a children's book about Creation. Hoping to wiggle my way into the publishing world!

I also decided to farm. This excites me to no end! I remember once an old boss telling me, "you can take the girl off the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the girl", as I dragged dirt on my shoes all over the store. How right he was! I have always felt that I should have been born on a farm.

We've decided to name our farm, "Grateful Life Farms, for vegetarians who eat meat!" lol! To be serious though, it was REALLY hard for me to even consider raising animals for meat. Me, the one who captures spiders in my house and releases them outside. Yes, me, the one who is outside helping worms get back into the ground after it rains!

I felt compelled to do this and fought it hard! I literally cried for two weeks, not understanding how God could ask me to take the life of another, 'To Kill a Chicken!?!' I have struggled with eating meat for as long as I can remember, but ultimately always did, because my body just feels better. Yes, I do believe that we should be vegetarians, but the reality is many of us aren't, nor chose to be.

Thanks to feedback from a few friends, I have realized that we ALL have a purpose in life. We are meant to give back in some way. For some of our feathered or furry friends, they are giving their bodies. They are also sacrificing their life for other animals since I have realized that by putting a face back on what we are eating, to give thanks, to eat their sacrifice meaningfully we are honoring them and changing the meat industry, one animal at a time. I have also realized that if I wait to long, then their bodies will be wasted. Just like if we wait to long to DO our dharma!

In the end, they will die as gently and peacefully as possible, with much gratitude. And if for some reason, I just can't do it, then I will focus on eggs and dairy products. Just have to make sure the girl stays on the farm!