Thursday, May 3, 2012

The 'Here' Factor

The wind outside is blowing. The chill in the air is the type that bites at your insides. There’s a gnawing feeling that is hard to determine whether it’s coming from the cold outside, or the ‘scratching to get out of your own skin’ type of screaming.

This is where I’m at. Although I hate to end in a preposition, I don’t’ know how else to describe it, this precipice… It’s simply where I Am.

 There’s urgency in the wind, a stirring in my soul. AND yet, there is a newfound respect in embodying the space in the middle. The urgency calls me and yet, the space in the middle invites me to stay.

As must be done, I feel the need to describe it allegorically, within the space of Nature. AND I must also have fun. So I dub this space of ICAN….

‘The Roots’

The roots, the roots, the roots are all a growing…
The sprouts, the sprouts, the sprouts are all a breaking…

The wind is rushing through. The sun is breaking free.

And all I can do is stop! Stop and listen.

The ringing of the wind through the breeze, the warmth of spring days penetrating my skin… the flowers blooming daily that welcome the observer in love and light… the laughter of my children, the pretend play of imaginative minds, the glow in their eyes from being seen and heard, truly…. The love I see from my husband, from my friends, from my community….

The urgency is pressing, but to see the full of expression of life, ever manifesting under our very own nose, this my friend is what life is about.

ICAN is finding its voice… TOGETHER we WILL make a difference…. But it’s only by starting at home!

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