Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our last trip to fast food lane…

Yes, I said it, fast food. And yes, I was there. And yes, it makes me sick (and embarrassed) to admit it.

So, we had just gotten out of gymnastics and the first thing my son says to me, “Please mama, please, can we please go there? Puuleeeze???”

My response, as usual, is anger. “Why do you want to eat in a place like that? It’s disgusting. It’s immoral. Do you really want to say ‘yes’ to a place that treats animals like crap? Do you want to say ‘yes’ to a place that hurts the Earth? God! How do I get you to understand how disgusting it is?”

“I know, I just really want a toy.”

“So, you want a cheap piece of plastic that came here from China on one of those big boats, that spews oil into the ocean and kills baby turtles and sea horses and fish? Really?

“I know Mama, just this once puleeeze?”

And I cave. Yes, I caved…again, and again, and again.

I have found that in my life there are so many things that I say yes to when I really want to be saying no. And then the problem arises when our spouses are not on the same page. It’s one thing to say no to your child, but you can’t say no to your husband, right?

I offer this story, this piece of insight into my life, to show all of you that my life is not perfect. I know in my heart the life I want to lead and also know that the reality is that I am not fully there… yet!

It makes me sad, it makes me feel like a failure, it makes me ashamed that there are corn chips and frozen French fries in my house. BUT…. But that’s why we are forming ICAN. I can change these things. I can change them in my own home. And, I can change them gently or quickly- whichever works best in the circumstances that we find ourselves. But the reality is that I need help too.

The point of this organization is to offer each other support and education on HOW to make these changes.

This organization is not about changing the world, it’s about changing our OWN world…. my world, my house, my family!

Maybe my husband will come home with another bag of corn chips, but maybe I’ll just recycle the bag and be happy with that for now. Or maybe, I’ll figure out a way to make them myself and get rid of the partially hydrogenated oils AND the packaging.

The point is to live from the place we already are and find ways to make changes that lead to harmony.

I am ready to live in integrity. I am ready to sign a Declaration of Freedom that’s only purpose is to set my intention in the direction I want my life heading towards- one of sustainability and returning to the Earth all she gives to me.

I am ready to live in accordance with what the Soul already knows…


  1. As it is....here and now. :) Others will ALWAYS make choices that we don't agree with...as we will ALWAYS make choices that others don't agree with, either. If the main goal is to "find ways to make changes that lead to harmony", and in that process harmony is disrupted, then we have defeated our own purpose. My point: educate, demonstrate, but do so with love. Never give a foothold to anger, and especially not stress, as it contradicts harmony. Use your love, your passion to ingite insight in your family, with a smile and with THEIR allowed freedom to make their own choices. I often find that my son will, and then turn to me and say "Now I feel bad". It may take awhile for the education to settle into his conscience, but he eventually gets it. Hope! :) Sometimes...we just have to see the result of our own choices to process the change.

    1. KG, excellent point! And this bring me back to why we have ICAN- to help lift each other up. To remind one another that Love, Joy, and Harmony is the only way to move this forward! Thank you!